The Dentist

Dr. A.J. Smith, Jr. and wife Kim.

Dr. A.J. Smith, Jr. grew up in Barbourville as the youngest of seven children. His parents are Freda Smith and the late A.J. Smith, Sr. Inspired by his parents' dedication to their children and by his siblings all before him aspiring to achieve their goals, he made the decision to further his education and choose a career that would allow him to grow and provide a service where there was a need.

After graduating from Union College, Dr. Smith continued his education at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry. In 1998, he earned a Doctor of Dental Medicine Degree and began his career as a dentist serving in the United States Army Reserves and as the primary provider at a dental clinic in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky.

In 2001, Dr. Smith, moved his family back home to open Barbourville Family Dental. Since opening, the office has grown to include several team members that are as dedicated to the patients and their care as Dr. Smith. Together, they strive to create an environment in which the patient can feel comfortable and secure. Dr. Smith loves God, his family and his country. His philosophy in the office is the same as it is at home "Treat others as you would like to be treated."